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The weekend that was

So here we are on Monday morning. What a lovely morning it is. There are clouds in the sky and little bits of snow are falling. No rain. Great day.

The weekend however was a different story. Blue skies and sunshine! I think we reached 7 deg on Sat and with wind chill felt like -4 on Sunday. But it was sunny, so it made all the difference. And after Friday night, a difference needed to be made.

On Friday we met up with Jess’ friend Ryan – very lovely – and went to visit some of his friends – equally lovely people. We all went to see their friends band play at a small art space, the size of a pea. Was great fun, good music and great dancing. Sounds all peaceful and fun doesn’t it? Well for me it was, for Jess however it was a different story.

They had run out of beer quite early (when I say early I mean 10pm, but we had just shown up) and so the only other drink was home made moonshine. Mmmmmmm tasty. I had one with cranberry, but then stopped. I had heard on the news that the weekend was to be fantastic, weather wise – the first time in a week – so had planned with Jess to picnic at lighthouse park and hike the trails. He of course readily agreed to take it easy, enjoy but not exceed. Jess’ brain that night had other ideas, and by 1:30am I was aiding him across the highway and into a taxi. Enough said.

The next day I woke up with a smile. The sun was shining and their wasn’t a cloud in the sky. I jumped out of bed, showered and started making the picnic. Jess on the other hand rolled out of bed, held his head and proceeded to tell me he couldn’t eat breakfast. He insisted though that the day proceed as planned, and gallantly went and had a shower, moving rather slowly.

We then walked ever so slowly to the correct bus stop – a few blocks away – and waited for half an hour in the cold. A really nice bus driver however, helped us on our way, and after an hour we were at Lighthouse Park. Which is not a park with swings and slippery dips, but a forest area in West Van, that runs down to a point where the lighthouse is. It is really beautiful.

Again we walked slowly down to the lighthouse through the forest and found a really nice spot in the sun for our picnic. Well more a one sided picnic, as I was the only one who ate. Jess tried though. He ate some of the vegie chips and drank some water. Probably not the best, but it was something to line his stomach for what occurred a few hours later in three different locations, if you get my drift.

After lunch we went for a walk through the forest, passing beaches, watching the ocean, looking at the islands and patting peoples dogs. The trees are so different to the ones back home. They are massive!! Jess of course was enjoying as much as he could. After a while though, we both felt it was time to go home and allow Jess to wallow in his own pity in bed for the rest of the afternoon/evening. We have decided to go back and have a proper go next time.

The next day Jess was far more chipper and felt he had to make up for the day before. We decided to make the most of two wonderful days in a row, and hire some bikes to ride around the seawall at Stanley Park. We hired two cruiser bikes, which are so comfortable! I think I want a new bike.

Saturday night had been -4 deg, and so there was a lot of frost around. As we set out, I put on another jumper and my mittens. In the sun it was ok, but as we went in the shade it was Dart River cold, a reference for Sandrew. For others, it was COLD!! So cold the rocks in the shady part of the ride were frozen, as was the beach and the plants. Jess enjoyed skidding on the icy parts, and almost fell when a big bit cracked. All I was trying to do was enjoy the ride, as well as make sure my fingers and toes weren’t slowly freezing off.

And it was enjoyable! We saw the eagles and even seals. There were lots of people out enjoying the day, and so the park had a good community feeling. I especially enjoyed my cup of tea, as it melted the ice off my fingers, and the ramen we had for lunch. It was a great couple of hours.

To finish of the day I bought a good pair of hiking/walking shoes (Merrells) and we went for a walk around the lake. There were lots of people around so we thought all our forest friends would be hiding, however we saw the beautiful blue herons, the squirrels, a cute chipmunk and a sleeping raccoon.

Jess, always the adventurer, even enticed a raccoon and a couple of squirrels over to him with the promise of fake food. The raccoon almost bit him and one of the squirrels did. I’m sure he has learnt his lesson.


All in all a great finish to a good weekend. Or Sunday, depending on who you are.