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My morning walk

It’s been a little while since I wrote something, so I figured I may as well do it now. Quick weather report…. AWESOME weather today!

To begin, I have decided that whenever I wake up at 7:30/8am, if it is not raining I will go for a morning power walk.
A) To supplement all the actual walking Jess and I do everyday and
B) To show Vancouvians that you do not have to jog all the time. Power walking and singing to Florence and the Machine makes you fit also.
I also thought when I woke up that it was the weekend, after talking with my family and people from work last night having Friday night drinks. I however was deceived and Jess in fact had to work today 🙁

Today though is a very nice day, which followed a weird weather day of rain, snow and a storm yesterday. There was a little bit of frozen snow on the ground, but the sun was shining brightly. After yesterdays misadventure on the practise court – slipping and injuring my shoulder – I felt a nice walk in the sunshine would be a safer option.

I began my walk in the usual fashion by explaining to Jess where I was going to walk to. He likes this because it allows him to spy on me through the binoculars like a known stalker. I also wave to him from the bottom of the building which makes people think I’m crazy, so I guess it all works out.

I set out walking past the pitch and putt, wondering if anyone actually plays – Jess claims he did when he was younger – and rounded the corner to the squirrel bridge as Jess has named it. This is because we always see a grey squirrel here that eats the seed that someone leaves for the birds. He is a pretty fat squirrel because of this and I feel he should probably give it up, but he runs away when you try and reason with him.

I was just about to walk over the bridge when a large raccoon came out of the bushes and stood in the middle of the path and stared at me. Sad that I didn’t have my camera, and unsure what his next move was, I stood very still and waited for him to move off. This is easy because they too don’t like the sound of a human voice and he quickly retreated when spoken too.

I then began walking around the Lost Lagoon, on a path that apparently is owned by the many many ducks that inhabit the area. These are the kinds of ducks that don’t move for you. You must pick your way around them. But they are pretty ducks, some with green heads and purple heads.

You may not know, but I love being surrounded by nature. I mean if I could build a tree house – close to the ground – in the middle of nowhere but close to shops and a good pub, I would – Jess’ dream house would be on Mars. My dream job would be at an environmental education centre. It would be fantastic! Because, as you know Jess and I aren’t into the clubbing scene, unless you count a litre stein and an oompah band at the Lowenbrau. So it is perfect where we are, close to restaurants, pubs and a fantastic park that we can explore. Best of both worlds!

But I digress…
Continuing my walk, I rounded the corner to head towards the rowing club when I passed an allegedly stoned young man who was either staring at his hands in the sun or trying to command the Canadian Geese to do his bidding. I wasn’t sure so moved on. Travelling around the seawall and back home.

My question to you though, is why people have to be so rude on the path? I smile at everyone, and I would hazard a guess at 30% smiling back or saying hello. Its just common courtesy. Try it sometime. I don’t look that odd, and I make sure I only sing when people aren’t around!!

Anyway must dash. I am making a picnic lunch for us and planning 3 upcoming holidays. Busy busy. Although I have heard rumours that people think I don’t do anything!! I’ll have you know that if I wasn’t doing anything I would go insane! Relaxing is something I’m not good at. So I walk, type, plan and have bought French for dummies. So there!

Enjoy your Friday/Weekend everyone. And remember, smile at a stranger 🙂