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And we arrive!

Hi everyone (pretty much family and friends) here we are in Vancouver, home of the 2010 Winter games….yeah they have been, but thanks to those games it’s much easier to get around! However they should take down the posters – the games have been and gone!

These first few days have been sight seeing and remembering places (crepes and beer) and getting all the boring stuff done – buying a phone (RIP OFF!!!) and lappy (AWSOME!) and trying to find a place to live.

We are pretty much at the point now where we decide if we want to stay here long or move on. Finding work may be a challenge (retail down and GFC hit hard) but I am now looking to either find work or volunteer. I want to count squirrels or Canadian geese.  But mostly we want to see the country we came to travel around!

I will put up some photos of our adventures so far. You will notice from these photos that we have had some sun, but mostly the temps have been around 3 or 5 – perfect walking weather. That and it rained ALL day today. But nothing our fantastic $10 plus tax umbrellas could not handle. Also there is a Starbucks on every corner, so there is always somewhere nice and cosy to sit and relax – and drink soy chai lattes made with REAL frothed milk! or 2% milk.

We are staying at the Hi-Vancouver downtown. It is really nice and quiet and you can find some friendly people to talk to. There is a great mixture of people from really old guys to young couples and singles from all over the world. Because it is out of season there aren’t as many as you would expect, but people are mostly ok. You get the odd ones that don’t talk or ignore,but you get that.

We cooked or first meal ever here at the hostel tonight. Granville Island market bought chicken and lamb kebabs and veges. Jess was proud. I found myself checking out all the great things everyone else was eating and wishing myself at their table! No offending Jess in any way. But i think we will up the skills for tomorrow. Try for a salad and beef kebabs.

Other meal times we eat our free breakfast here and have lunch out – lots of ramen and soups – and for dinner we have had crepes, traditional north american cooked on the barbie hamburgers at a friend of Jess’ friends place and a slice of pizza and pop and not so good poutine. So Yeah healthy. Well at only $5.27 + tax with a pop u cant go past the value of a pizza.

So there it is so far. Updates will come as events occur and we will keep travelling around this massive country. Hopefully Whistler in the next couple of weeks…..

Cya, the J’s.