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Whistler Exposed

It’s not kinky. Not raunchy. Just lots of snow, people and fun!

We are back from Whistler. Back into the rain and the excitement that is Vancouver. And it is exciting. There is a lake forming in the park across the street and we might get a couple of flurries on Wednesday and Thursday! I tell you, I can not wait!

It may sound like I am complaining, but I am not. It is just that I would like the rain to stop…at least a little bit, so when I go shopping later, I don’t get drenched. Boy do I miss my car! Other than that, it’s just a typical Vancouver day!

But enough of the rain and back to the topic at hand. Whistler.
What more can I say, other than I wish I was back there and it wasn’t so expensive. That’s right, thanks to the little old Winter 2010 Games, prices in Whistler have – surprisingly I know – gone up! I know you are shocked! A one day lift pass is $110 inc taxes. That is a lot of money! Damn tax making everything so expensive. I did however have a $5.99 long island ice tea. Now that was a bargain!

Our Whistler adventure began with a very nice coach ride to Whistler from Vancouver. I love the sea to sky highway. You follow the West coast pretty much the whole way, and you get to see all the islands, snow capped mountains, amazing water falls and cliffs. It takes such a short time to get there. Just over 2 hrs, and lucky for us, our coach dropped us right at our hotel. Thank goodness, because we stayed at the highest hotel at Blackcomb and it would have been a massive pain to walk there!

To get to Blackcomb Base and Whistler Village, we had a couple of choices. Either catch the free shuttle that came to the front door of the hotel, walk down the road which would have taken FOREVER, or walk down the ski run that was right next to our hotel.

Of course we chose the sensible option of pretending to ski/board with shoes on. Who wouldn’t? And it saved so much time, even though my shoes have no grip and I spent my time clutching Jess to stop me from sliding! It was fun, and we spent many days/ evenings and afternoons tramping up and down the hill. The worst time was carrying our boards up!

Our first day boarding was awesome. So much powder and it snowed all day. It was great fun, and we explored parts of the mountain we didn’t go to the last time we were there. I think my favourite runs were wish bone and ridge runner. Great powder and not many people on the mountain. It was fantastic to be able to ski in and out of our hotel. I don’t think I could go back to any other accommodation!

Monday till Wednesday we had a visitor stay with us. Annina, a girl we met at the hostel from Switzerland came to stay! It was great to have company, because Jess was working 5am till 12:30pm or so.

On Monday we went snow shoeing around the Lost Lake for a few hours. It was really fun and we got to see a lot of forest, and make jokes about bears, cougars and coyotes. Which kind of got a little scary when you are surrounded by trees in the woods. Lucky Jess and I spotted the coyote outside our hotel room later in the week!
A few hours of snow shoeing turned our to be 6 hrs, when Jess joined us later and we did the same track, but extended to the look out over Green Lake. It is amazing to see a lake so large covered in ice! A very magical moment.

On Tuesday, we went shopping all day, and I bought 1 shirt. That’s right doubters! 1! Surf brands are CHEAP here! And on Wednesday, we bought a sight seeing ticket and spent the day up the mountain riding the Peak to Peak gondola and checking out the sights. You will see from the photos that it is high. Not just high, but freaking high!! I was scared, and just wanted the 11min to be over in 1min. To make up for such a scary time we went tubing with Jess in the afternoon, and had fun speeding down the hills on tubes. Great fun, especially when they spin you at the top and you spin the whole time down the hill! Dizzy!

You may however be wondering why Annina and I didn’t board on the days she was here. The answer? No snow. It didn’t snow the entire time Annina was with us. It was blue skies 3 days in a row, which made for nice icy crunchy packed snow. They had the snow makers on for 72hrs. Hmmmm snow maker snow. $110 a day? I don’t think so!

We did however board on Thursday and Friday. With me boarding by myself in the mornings and Jess joining me in the afternoon. I had bought a three day lift pass, and we were both looking forward to Saturday when we would have all day to board.

Friday should have warned us. It snowed all day, than rained, than snowed. It was kinda windy but not to bad. Over cocktails that night, we were optimistic about the day ahead.

Than we woke up….to rain. Than heavy snow. Heavy heavy snow, and wind.
No! We thought, I have paid money for this, we will board!!
At the bottom of the hill, at the first lift line stood a MASSIVE crowd of people. The lift line was over and hour long, and half the mountain was closed due to high 100km winds. Well played Whistler. You won my money. Instead, Jess and I bludged about the village, drinking hot chocolates and beer and enjoying the Olympic games anniversary celebrations.

For our last day in Whistler, Jess and I went Ziptreking! Soooooo much fun, and such amazing views. The longest line is about 1min long, and goes down over the river. Really cool. Poor Jess made it all the way to the end, only to have the brake fail to grab him and he went half way back again. The guide had to go out and rescue him. It was pretty funny, but poor Jess was a little worse for wear after hanging for so long! But he soon recovered and we were flying, hanging up side down again in no time.

All in all, it was a great trip. Good times, and fantastic memories.

Can’t wait for the next holiday within a holiday!!