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Catch up.

Hi there!
How are you?
That’s excellent.
How am I?
The sun is now shining, the geese are honking and Jess will finish work soon. It is 11 deg here today. So all the windows are open and the heating is off. Perfect.

Now all the greetings are out of the way, I’d like to keep you up to date with what’s been going on.

By now you will have all seen the photos I have put up of the new place we are in. It’s very nice, and even nicer still if you forget the fact that it is on the 11th floor and the elevator goes really fast. I put them up 2min ago. I’m sure you have seen them!

It’s finally good to have somewhere to call ours for a couple of months, although I have been sleeping in because I’m not forced to eat breakfast by 9:15am everyday. Which is bad. So I got my arse up to do some pilates this morning. Very inflexible! I also went and got my eye brows waxed and the lady insisted on threading them too. The only time I have ever seen this was in WA at Christmas. It is like 10 people plucking your eyebrows at the same time over and over. They look good though, but my eyes would not stop watering.

Here is a link if you are interested in pictures – threading.

In other news, I had a call about the job at the tennis place. It was between me and another. However my not wanting to work on weekends which I was assured wasn’t a ‘deal breaker’ had the other guy win in the end. Oh wells. I’m not upset about it, so don’t worry. I’ve got a lot of things to look forward too! Like Whistler! And they kept my number in case the other guy didn’t work out. I’m so hopeful!! lol

So Whistler! Tomorrow!! Can’t wait! Very excited!! Can’t you tell!! And my knee is almost perfect, so now I really can’t wait!!

We catch a coach at 12:30 tomorrow afternoon and get to Whistler two hours later. Should be good. Here is a link to where we are staying – Coast Blackcomb Suites
All we have to do to get to the lifts is board down the hill. Awesome! Will be good for Jess when he finishes work. And there is lots for me to explore and do as well. Also a gym.

We are there till our 13th of February. And are hoping to do a ziptrek ecotour and maybe do a snowmobile and a snow shoe tour. I don’t know if it has hit the news in Oz, but a big dog sledding company in Whistler has just been done for killing 100 of their dogs because business was down after the Olympics. Not just killing, one guy apparently shot them. So we will be staying away from that!

So yeah, that’s about it. Hope to see you again in Whistler! Have yourselves a great day!!