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Sunset walk.

Today is a rainy day. But here in Vancouver we man up, get our umbrellas – or not in many cases – and walk around taking in the city sights. Jess and I had a great morning at the science centre and planetarium and a great/wet afternoon of walking around looking in the Kitsilano shops. 40% off in Billabong. Bargain. And its much much cheaper here!

Yesterday we paid a security deposit and got the keys to our new apartment for the next two months. For all the google map fans, it’s at the end of Comox Street Vancouver. Right at the end near the park. We will be there from the 2nd of February, till the end of March.

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It is a great furnished apartment that has magical views from both the roof, the balcony and the floor to ceiling windows. Jess is most excited about putting his desk up against the window and working till his hearts content. Also it will great being so close to Stanley Park so that we can do all the trails through the woods and spot more raccoons and squirrels.

The place also has a heated indoor pool and some sports equipment. But I truly think the highlights will be our own bathroom, showering without thongs and our own kitchen with an oven. It is also in the West Side district with really great restaurants. Can’t wait!

Another update is that I have an interview on Monday! It’s at the Jericho Tennis club in their pro-shop. Because you know, I am a pro tennis player 🙂 We shall see how it goes. It’s part time and will mean extra money in the coffers. It’s right over the other side from where we are and will take about half an hour to get their with a combination of busing and walking.

Well enough about us and more about how beautiful the weather was on Thursday! In the afternoon, Jess and I took a stroll along the southern seawall around Stanley park. We had never been over this side before, and there is a pool, tennis courts, a dog beach and from here you can see the beautiful sunsets over the water.

The clouds had broken just above the horizon, so the sun was shining for most of our walk. This side of the park follows English Bay, and on this day we could see all the way out to Vancouver Island, which is really lucky because on most other days – like today – the fog is really low and there is misty rain.

Jess and I were once again squirrel hunting, and there were some grey ones but only about two or three. Most of our time was spent looking at the beautiful view of the bay and North West Vancouver on one side, and the tall pines and thick forest of Stanley Park on the other. Many Twilight jokes were thrown in for good measure as well.

If anyone has been to Stanley Park, you will know it is not a small park. It is about a third of the peninsular that is Vancouver. So about half way round the sea wall, with Lionsgate bridge in sight, Jess and I realised we had committed ourselves to a long walk. It got dark about two thirds of the way round, but as it did, the bridge was lit up, and so did the city and it looked magical and made the long walk worth it.

On our return to the hostel, we walked through the park past the Aquarium. In front of me I saw something about the size of a medium/small sized dog on the path with a furry tail. Not knowing whether it was a raccoon or a skunk, Jess charged towards it – because was very excited and really likes patting animals – and it wasn’t until it turned and I saw the white circles around its eyes, that we knew it was a raccoon. Our first. Hooray!! Gotta love the park.