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So yesterday was our Australia Day. And besides eating the complementary Timtams, walking around and eating beef broth for lunch, Jess and I decided to do the real Aussie tradition of going to the ice hockey. Our hostel sells cheep tickets so we took Jon and Tom to the hockey with us – we needed someone to tell us the rules!

The game was the Vancouver Canucks vs the Nashville Predators. Vancouver are on top of the ladder so everyone expected a good game, or a complete annihilation. It was kinda neither.

The seats were pretty good – as in the view, not the space – and so was the beer. Beer makes you shout more about the Canucks sucking and shouting “lou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” every time Roberto Luongo their goalie saved a goal.

The game itself was pretty boring. I particularly wanted a fight, but there was only a tiny one. We all pretty much spent the time drinking beer and making up stupid jokes about the British backpackers sitting near us – who annoyingly kept making us stand up during plays so they could get past and get beer! Also the Canucks mascot – an orca with smoke coming out of its blowhole – kept us entertained.

There are 3 periods in an ice hockey game, and in this game, the third period was the best – for those playing at home, that’s 40min into a game. Nashville scored and the whole stadium went into shock, no hooter, cheer….nothing.
Then Vancouver scored, the stadium erupted and the obligatory retired cruise liner horn was let off its leash.

They scored once more after that, and won the game. Go Canucks Go!

That wasn’t the highlight though. I had really wanted to see a fight on the ice, but what we saw was pretty good. Slack, but good for bystanders. All I saw was a beer being thrown by one girl, into the head of a girl sitting diagonally in front of her. Our section blew up with both girls screaming at each other, security and the Brits yelling “fight, fight!”
It was insane for a little bit. I was embarrassed for both girls. It was like Jerry Springer at the hockey. The guys loved it though.

The half time show consisted of mini-hockey. Small children came out and preceded to mesmerise the crowd with their cute on ice antics. They fell on the puck so many times and like all small children playing sport, all skated after the puck together. Very cute.

Can’t wait to go again. Hopefully the on-ice action will be the highlight next time.