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Edmonton – Part 2

We started off week two with the nicest day we have had on the whole trip so far. It was 21 deg!!!! And sunny. Fantastic! We wore shorts and t’s, and sat in the sun pretty much all day while Jess worked. Very nice. I even got a tan on my legs, arms and face. Jess got so hot at one point he had to move into the shade. The sun just feels that little bit closer here.

The warm weather is also waking all the flowers up and making the place look a little bit nicer. People are working on their lawns and the grass is getting greener day by day. Very impressed Canada. It is a shame that it is flooding badly in Quebec and Manitoba from all the melting snow though. Not impressed Mother Nature!

After Jess finished work on the beautiful Monday, we caught the LRT – the train/tram – into the city to take a look around. I even wore a dress for the first time in 3 and a half months! I felt like such a girl!

The city wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be. Seems things here close at 5 or 6pm, but the sun was shining and we toured around. It was election day, so there were people walking around to vote – not compulsory here – and other people shouting at you who to vote for. We walked to the legislature building, which is a very beautiful building. The security guard was nice enough to let us wander around the first floor and look at the amazing marble columns and the the decorative dome on the top.

Next we walked through the parks to the heritage promenade, which follows the outer-edge of the city and the river. It is very nice and goes past some beautiful old buildings and streets. It also gives you nice views of the river valley. The river is very wide and flows through the city and the outer suburbs. It is also very pretty.

After a nice afternoon relaxing in the sun on Monday, Jess and I decided to speed things up on Tuesday afternoon and head back to Galaxyland in West Edmonton Mall. Now you may not know this, but roller coaster are not my favourite things in the whole world, especially ones that are inside and go very fast and have a giant drop. The roller coaster at West Ed mall is called the Mindbender. And let me tell you, it wasn’t just my mind that was bent at the end. It bent my mind, my stomach and my entire body. Lets just say that the triple loop did nothing the help, nor did the first massive drop and the cork screw.

We went on a couple of other roller coasters and some laser shooting game – which I won! – and by the end we were both feeling a little sick. As Jess said, “is this it? Are we getting to old for roller coasters?”. Yes Jess, I know I am. It was fun though, hanging out in the mall for the afternoon, checking out the shops and going on roller coasters. A very unique shopping experience. Plus the ice-cream at the end didn’t hurt.

On Wednesday afternoon, we wanted a relaxing Edmonton experience to recuperate from the roller coaster experience. Jess and I took Eleanor to Muttarts Conservatory. It is a building consisting of 4 glass triangles, each with their own ecosystem inside, tropical, arid, temperature and a feature room.

It was fantastic to walk around in all different atmospheres and see all the plants. Especially since most of them are grown back home. It is such a peaceful place too. In the temperate triangle, there was an awesome Gaya statue made from plants with a mosaic face. There was a sick gum tree too!

The best room was the feature room. It was filled with colourful hydrangeas, ranging from deep blue to bright pink and beautiful daisies. It looked amazing and just hit you with colour as you walked in the room. I think we all agreed it was our favourite. I took many of the micro shots in there.

After our visit to the conservatory, Eleanor took us on a tour the city. She showed us where she used to work and all the million dollar houses along the river. I chose a few I would like to buy. They were all the typical North American two story houses with the big porches. Very nice. A very good afternoon.

So here we are now. I have cut Jess’ hair, the bags are packed and we have been to Costco to stock up on camping food. It is time for us to leave fair Edmonton and turn to our camper for our next adventure. We are off to Calgary tomorrow to pick up our camper, and then drive it back to Edmonton to spend a night in the back, behind Lawrence and Eleanor’s – cannot miss a game of hockey!!

Can’t wait!