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My walk to get my SIN!

So to work in Canada you need a sin number – it’s a social insurance number because as I learnt today nothing is free in this country. Well nothing you want done quickly anyway. The numbers free, you just have to go to the Service Canada offices to get one ( the number is 1800 o canada) bit too funny!

Not that I think I’m going to work. I emailed a few places yesterday about volunteering, and there is a community centre that does morning classes, so I think that will do. Can’t travel if I have to work from 9 till 10 at night. And Jess works so hard for the both of us. I feed him and go get him coffees. So essentially I’m his PA. And walking around laughing at squirrels is just too much fun. Plus Jess’ friend Jon said I can clean his apartment for him. Not wearing the maids uniform though!

Whistler soon hopefully for a week. We went to look at a ladies apartment yesterday. Beautiful views of the mountains, English bay and Stanly park. Would LOVE to live there for a couple of months. But she isn’t sure if she is subletting yet, so we will have to see. So after the first of February everything is up in the air.

So anyway back to my walk!! I walked to the office – a twenty five min round trip to near Gastown to the better end of West Hastings street – on my bad knee, which after my $110 trip to the doctors is probably ligament damage – yay! – just ice it after boarding he says. If not a $1200 MRI will be needed. I’ll just buy ice.

On my walk – listening to Florence and the machine – on a very sunny Vancouver day I encountered many things. You see Vancouver has a major homeless problem. Even the Olympics has not curbed the amount of homeless people on the streets and the hostel we are staying at is kinda right at the end of downtown where you get the homeless and the 25c peep shows.

So out I go, on instructions from Jess to stick to our favorite Thurlow Street – because it’s got a nice park and a school and just… well…. normality and I head towards Robson Street – because it’s got all the nice shops and a Starbucks on every corner – even opposite sides of the intersection. On my way I do the Australian thing of smiling at everyone – they don’t do that here – and I meet some lovely hobos who commented on my awesome haircut and colour “damn girl, what you doing?” even Jess hasn’t commented. Thank you homeless guys!

Luckily for me a really good song was playing and I just smiled and moved on, to the man throwing up his Starbucks right outside the front. But thats beside the point, Starbucks do really good REAL soy chai lattes, not like Tim Horton’s where they are basically like the hot chocolates that you get for $2 out of a machine. I suppose they are like $1.57.

On my walk I took random photos of what I could see, from the different shops to cats out the window. Just so you could see our new neighbourhood. And basically everyone enjoying a warmish sunny Vancouver Day.

I came back and ate a TimTam the hostel had out. Happy Australia Day Everyone!!