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Jess was right

And he is not right a lot of the time!

I had forgotten about you dear readers (the one or two of you) and have not posted for a while. I blame Chontelle’s arrival – it has distracted me. Jess said I would give up on this after a while, and when I did it would be hard to catch up, which it is.

So much has happened since my last post. Chontelle arrived and we went sight seeing. We moved out of our fantastic Vancouver apartment. We have driven to Banff via Kamloops and stayed for 3 nights and now we are in Lake Louise for two nights. Fun fun. A bit more hectic than our last few months!

Updates about current events will be forthcoming. For now, lets discuss what Chontelle and I got up to in Vancouver.

She landed late Tuesday afternoon. Vancouver put on its usual show by raining, so we took Chon out for ramen to make us all feel better…Chon does not eat pork, however she said the broth was nice.

The next day it rained again, but the newly arrived Chon in true Vancouverite fashion braved the weather to walk along the seawall and up to Gastown. We checked out all the touristy sights, Canada Place, The Gas Clock, Coal Bay and Stanley park. The raccoons even came out to chat to her in the evening. Shame they didn’t want to stay still for photos!

The next day it was SUNNY! And Chontelle got to finally see the mountains, bay and how pretty Vancouver could be. We took a walk around the sea wall to the Aquarium. It was unfortunately spring break and the aquarium line was HUGE! We got in finally and got to see all the really cool fish. The Amazon exhibition was on and we got to see some awesome parrots, the sloth’s, camen and some HUMONGOUS fish.

The best part about revisiting the aquarium on a sunny day was that we were able to see the beluga whale show. Last time Jess and I went there we hated seeing the belugas swimming sadly in their pool. This time the belugas looked happy as they waved, spoke and wet people in the audience by splashing their tails and spitting water. The funniest thing was that everyone sitting in a certain spot were told they were going to get wet, however when the belugas slapped there tails and wet everyone all the children cried and cried and so did the parents. HILARIOUS!

On her last day in Vancouver, Chontelle was treated to rain all day. To brighten her spirits we did some washing, and walked up to the ferry and went to North Vancouver. We made the most of a pretty pathetic day.

I hope she liked Vancouver. Even when it rains! 🙂