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Chillin’ on humpday

So yesterday was Wednesday (now you get the ‘humpday’ reference) and it was SUNNY!! So we did what all Vancouviens do when it is not raining…went and enjoyed being outside.

It was glorious.

At lunchtime, Jess and I went out for a short stroll, and although it was sunny, it was freezing! One guy though thought it was so warm that he went for a swim. Lets just say we weren’t the only ones watching that thought it was weird.

However only a couple of hours later, the weather warmed up and we were hiring roller-blades. They are ‘in’ here. I don’t think the faze ever passed like back home, I guess because of the national obsession with hockey.

Now I haven’t been on roller-blades since I was 14. And Jess hadn’t been on them I think since the famous incident that occurred in Stanley park when he was 15, when his mum MADE him roller-blade around the park. Terrible! 🙂 Apparently he told his mother that the moment ‘sucked big d@!k’.

Well there we were. Back where it all happened, and this time it was ‘really good fun’ according to 25year old Jess.

It took a little while for me to remember just how to roller-blade. I don’t like going fast down hills, and there were a couple of steepish ones. You are also made to share the raised path with the cyclists, and at some points it is very narrow and some people are very impatient! If only the brake wasn’t just a piece of plastic on your right heel.

I also forget just how much effort it takes to roller-blade, and how much effort at times it takes to not fall over. It is really good fun though, but you miss out on the views unless you stop, because your concentrating so hard on what you are doing.

Jess was doing tricks and riding backwards. He’s a natural. I think it is a Canadian thing.

We made it around the park in an hour and a half. By this time we had warmed up a lot and wanted ice cream.

There is a place a little like cold rock, except it’s cheaper and the servings are larger. Just what I felt like. From the looks of the line out the front of the shop, it wasn’t just us that craved ice cream.

As a consolation prize we went to Starbucks and treated ourselves to double chocolaty chip ice chocolates, then walked to the beach to spend the rest of the afternoon chillin’ in the sun.

Thank you sunshine!